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     * [[https://​​skyjur/​picoharp300-curvefit-ui|TCSPC curve fitting for phd files (Python)]] ​     * [[https://​​skyjur/​picoharp300-curvefit-ui|TCSPC curve fitting for phd files (Python)]] ​
 +    * [[ https://​​SumeetRohilla/​readPTU_FLIM | readPTU_FLIM]] Library for reading PTU files (works for MultiHarp, HydraHarp, PicoHarp, TimeHarp acquisition) as well as converting raw TTTR data to FLIM image data stack.
 +    * [[https://​​tttrlib/​| tttrlib]] tttrlib is a low level, high performance API to read and process time-tagged-time resolved (TTTR) data
 ==== Data Acquisition ==== ==== Data Acquisition ====
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