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PyCorrFit: data analysis software for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS)

“[…] PyCorrFit is a general-purpose FCS evaluation software that, amongst other formats, supports the established Zeiss ConfoCor3 ~.fcs file format. PyCorrFit comes with several built-in model functions, covering a wide range of applications in standard confocal FCS. In addition, it contains equations dealing with different excitation geometries like total internal reflection (TIR).”


PyCorrFit does support the PicoQuant t3r file format (currently only '*.pt3')
An enhancement request for implementing '*.ptu' file format support is existing.

PyCorrFit is described in: Müller, P., Schwille, P., and Weidemann, T. PyCorrFit - generic data evaluation for fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Bioinformatics 2014.

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