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Structure of the pre-histogrammed Image Data File

Data Item Type Description
PixX int32 pixels in X-direction
PixY int32 pixels in Y-direction
PixResol float32 spatial pixel resolution in μm
TCSPCChannelsint32 number of TCSPC channels per pixel
TimeResol float32 time resolution of the TCSPC histograms in ns
The following block will appear in the file for each y = 1 to <PixY>
The following block will appear in block (y) for each x = 1 to <PixX>
The following data will appear in the block (x,y) for each t = 1 to <TCSPCChannels>
HistogramData [x,y,t] int32 counts of the TCSPC channel t of pixel (x,y)
end of block
end of block
end of block

For an example in Python and Matlab see here:

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