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Thanks for your interest in contributing. Please start by registering an account.

If you have problems registering your account please contact the PicoQuant Support (support at picoquant dot com) and they will create one for you.

Suggest a page

If you are reading a page on this wiki and there are specific words that you wished we had an article defining, edit the page and surround the word(s) in double brackets like this

 In a sentence [[this]] will be a link. You can also choose
 what the link text is with the pipe symbol like this [[article name|link text]]

Links that don't have an article yet will be shown in red. This makes it easy for others to just start this article.

Most searched words

Improve an article

Even if you can't be bothered with writing pristine and beautiful articles that everybody loves to read we still would love you to help to improve this wiki. You can correct errors that you encounter, correct imprecise articles that annoy you, or just improve the flow and make an article more legible. For most people on earth English is not their mother tongue. If you feel that spelling or grammar need some tweaking you are very welcome to help.

Write an article

If you have an idea for an article and you don't see a link for it you can simply type the name of the article into the search field and then click the edit button to the right of the search results to start writing it.

These are the articles that wait to be written:

# ID Links
1products:timeharp_2604 : Show backlinks
2categories4 : Show backlinks
3products:timeharp_1003 : Show backlinks
4software:symphotime323 : Show backlinks
5glossary:afterglow_effect2 : Show backlinks
6wiki:pagename2 : Show backlinks
7products:microtime_2002 : Show backlinks
8glossary:fitting2 : Show backlinks
9products:timeharp_2002 : Show backlinks
10glossary:fifo2 : Show backlinks
11http:tcspc.com_doku.php_software1 : Show backlinks
12glossary:gaussian_distribution1 : Show backlinks
13http:www.allaboutcircuits.com_textbook_digital_chpt-3_logic-signal-voltage-levels1 : Show backlinks
14https:www.microscopyu.com_tutorials_imageformation-airyna1 : Show backlinks
15sidebar1 : Show backlinks
16glossary:sync1 : Show backlinks
17glossary:sync_divider1 : Show backlinks
18glossary:weighting1 : Show backlinks
19glossary:tpe1 : Show backlinks
20glossary:tdcs1 : Show backlinks
21wiki:nonexisting1 : Show backlinks
22products:fluotime3001 : Show backlinks
23products:fluotime_3001 : Show backlinks
24glossary1 : Show backlinks
25products:phr8001 : Show backlinks
26glossary:error_analysis1 : Show backlinks
27glossary:confocal_volume1 : Show backlinks
28some:namespaces1 : Show backlinks
29products:mpd1 : Show backlinks
30glossary:autocorrelation_function1 : Show backlinks
31products:lcu1 : Show backlinks
32products:lsm_upgrade_kits1 : Show backlinks
33glossary:fft1 : Show backlinks
34products:timeharp_20001 : Show backlinks

I want to! But I don't know how!

Doesn't really matter. Just start and someone will help you formatting what you started.

In case you are interested to learn the syntax you can find it here.

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