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Supported MT200 PC and Hardware Configuration for SymPhoTime 64

NOTE: When upgrading your system we strongly encourage you to do so by purchasing a pre-tested PC from PicoQuant. While we try our best to support custom PC setups we cannot guarantee that all the components will work together.

Supported OS

  • Win10: No
  • Win8: YES
  • Win7 64bit: YES
  • Win7 32bit: NO
  • WinXP: NO

Supported Hardware (for MicroTime200):

Scanner (tested)

  • Controller: E725
  • Controller: E710
  • xy-Stage: P733
  • z-Stage: Pifoc P725
  • PicoQuant FLIMbee galvo scanner

Scanner (not tested by PicoQuant Support)

  • MadCityLabs created a DLL which allows SymPhoTime 64 to use a specific MCL scanner. The support for this scanner is entirely handled by MadcityLabs and not by PicoQuant.

Brightfield Camera

  • IDS UI-3370CP-NIR-GL 1“ monochrome camera 2048×2048

CAN & Frame Grabber

  • Matrix Vision PCIe Framegrabber
    Note: This driver is a custom driver specifically written for the SymPhoTime64. It will not work with the software delivered with the frame grabber board. The driver delivered with the Matrix Vision frame grabber card on the other hand will not work with SymPhoTime64
  • Peak CAN PCIe board
    Note: older versions of PCAN PCI board could also work, but then make sure that the new PC has an old type PCI slot.
  • Both cards should be installed in a PCIexpress 1x slot. See slots in red circles in the image below.
  • If your system is (to be) equipped with a TH260 TCSPC card this card as also to be installed into a PCIexpress x1 slot.

not supported:

  • DataTranslation PCI framegrabbe
  • TimeHarp 200
  • HydraHarp v.1.0 - Firmware upgrade to HydraHarp v2.xx necessary before using the SymPhoTime 64.
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