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 <WRAP center round box 60%> <WRAP center round box 60%>
 ===== News from the community===== ===== News from the community=====
-04.09.19  [[ http://​​|]] website is online. The FRET community serves as a hub for joint scientific efforts in the field of Förster resonance energy. Note also that recently [[https://​​site/​taekjiphalab/​smfret|]] ​ by T.Ha group was also released. \\ \\ +24.10.19 New publication ​[[https://​​articles/​s41467-019-12304-4|DNA mechanotechnology reveals that integrin receptors apply pN forces in podosomes on fluid substrates]]  ​introducing the approach of **Molecular Tension-Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (MT-FLIM)** \\ \\ 
-03.09.19 ​  Nice FRET Review published ​  +
-[[https://​​articles/​s41592-019-0530-8|FRET as a biomolecular research tool — understanding its potential while avoiding pitfalls]]+
 +24.10.19 ​ [[https://​​book/​10.1007/​978-3-030-22386-1|Open Access Book on Bioimage Data Analysis Workflows by Springer.]] ​
 +[[general:​community_news|...see more...]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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